With the termination of your activities at the University of Vienna you will gradually lose your u:account rights. Please note the u:account usage rules.

Termination of the u:account for students

If your u:account has expired and you are already registered for a new degree programme, try to reactivate your account via the following web interface:

In all other cases (e.g. no further degree programmes, forgotten password, etc.), please turn to the ZID Helpdesk.

Termination of the u:account for staff

You can find the current status of employment of university staff in U:FIND.

The actual termination of your u:account depends on your past status of emplyoment at the University of Vienna. Only user rights of former academic university staff who left for retirement are no longer subject to the termination process.

All other university staff will receive an e-mail 29 days after the termination of employment. This e-mail contains information about the conversion of the u:account for staff. From this moment, you can no longer access services that are essential prerequisites for working at the University of Vienna. You can find an overview of all important services that are no longer available/only available in a restricted way after the receipt of this e-mail in the following table:


ServiceRetired academic staff/emeritiAcademic staffNon-academic staff
Set up and extend accounts for external personsRetired academicsTermination of existing accounts after 28 days if no transfer happensTermination of existing accounts after 28 days if no transfer happens
No prior termination of existing accounts
E-MailFull usageFull usage for 3 years; then forwarding to external address/out-of-office for 1 yearFull usage for 1 month; then forwarding to external address/out-of-office for 1 year
Access to e-resources (e.g. library databases)Retired academics
Access to Fileservices3 years1 month
Access to salary statements7 years7 years
Access to My-u:account7 years7 years
Change of password7 years7 years
Usage of software requiring a licenceRetired academicsSoftware needs to be uninstalledSoftware needs to be uninstalled
Emeriti *
Software needs to be uninstalled*

* Continuing usage of the software is still possible for contractually agreed tasks for the University of Vienna to the extent stipulated in the respective software agreement.

Two weeks after receipt of the first e-mail, non-academic university staff will receive a reminder informing them about the termination of their user rights and the possibility of storing their data. Former academic staff will receive this reminder after two years.

Termination of the u:account for external persons

u:accounts for external persons have to be set up with a specific termination date. By this date, the account will be deactivated completely. 

In the case of accounts that are valid for longer than three months, an e-mail will be sent to the persons responsible two weeks before termination of the u:account to inform them about the possibility of extending their user rights. The same applies to accounts advocated by institutions. 

u:accounts for external persons whose responsible advocate leaves the staff will be subject to the termination process ahead of schedule, even if the nominal validity of their account is still given.