Additional services

Employees may only register the additional services listed here. Registering other additional services without authorisation is not permitted and may lead to the SIM card being disabled. Additional services can only be officially invoiced and require the approval from the requester's superior.

A1 Mobil Breitband (broadband data package)

Use the form Registering a data package.

A1 Mobil Breitband allows you to register a data package on your business phone for an additional monthly basic fee. This additional basic fee is specified on the invoice.

The minimum contract duration for this service is 24 months. For information about package sizes and prices, please see under Costs.

Prerequisite is your superior's approval.

  • The data package is valid within the EU + Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein (excluding EU overseas territories). Anywhere else, the costs for data roaming without a data package apply.
  • You will receive an SMS notification from A1 when you reach the 50 %, 75 % and 100 % limit. This notification is sent automatically, free of charge and without any obligation, provided that you did not use up this volume in an application that is still running.
  • If you received an SMS notification informing you that you already used 100 % of your data volume, every additional GB costs EUR 6.00.
  • You can still use data up to a limit of EUR 60.00 (including VAT). Afterwards, your mobile data will be disabled.
  • You can check the remaining data volume any time via Mein A1.

A1 Mobil Additional SIM card

Use the form Ordering an additional A1 SIM card.

The additional A1 SIM card enables you to use your telephone number on up to three devices at the same time. The service includes the SIM card only and no other accessories.

You have to pay a monthly basic fee per additional A1 SIM card. The minimum contract duration for every additional A1 SIM card is 24 months.

Prerequisite is your superior's approval.

  • Initial telephone number of the additional A1 SIM card: +43-664-29xxxxx. When you send SMS messages, this number is the sender number. Recipients of your SMS messages can text back to this number.
  • The official telephone number is always sent along as the sender number when you make phone calls.
  • Multi-ring: You can have all your devices ring at the same time. You can activate and deactivate the multi-ring option any time. Please call the A1 Hotline: 0800-664-444
  • Private use (dial 98 first) works with all SIM cards.
  • You can check your voice mailbox from all your devices (by calling 66477).
  • A1 Mobil Breitband can be used with both the additional A1 SIM card as well as the main SIM card. The package limit applies per number and not per SIM card.

A1 Roaming

A1 Roaming allows you to purchase roaming packages for voice calls, data or both for an additional basic fee. The minimum term is one calendar month.

For example: If you activate the package on 17 August, it is valid until 30 September at the least. For further information, please see under Roaming packages.

Prerequisite is your superior's approval.

Applying for A1 Roaming

To apply for A1 Roaming, please send an e-mail to (with your superior in cc), specifying the following details:

  • Internal telephone number (+43-664-817-xxxx)
  • Desired size of the package
  • Activation date (only possible on business days, at least one day before your departure)
  • Confirmation of the minimum term of one month (superior's approval)
  • Validity period (either specify an end date after the end of the minimum term or choose unlimited)

Deregistering from A1 Roaming

If you ordered the roaming package with a specific end date, it will be automatically deactivated by A1 after the minimum term has expired. 

If you ordered a package for an unlimited period and the minimum term has expired, please send an e-mail to (with your superior in cc), specifying the desired deactivation date (only possible on business days).

A1 Mobil cost control

A1 offers an automatic cost control service for variable connection fees that might arise from data roaming. For further information, please go to

Maximum limit

The standard maximum limit of EUR 60.00 (including VAT) is activated by default. If you require a higher maximum limit (EUR 120.00 or EUR 300.00 or EUR 500.00), please send an e-mail to

A prerequisite for changing the maximum limit is the approval from your superior.


  • When you reach the 80 % limit, you will receive a notification via SMS on the device on which you use data roaming. 
  • When you reach the 100 % limit, data traffic on your device will be disabled and possible running connections will be interrupted. You will receive a notification via SMS informing you that the data traffic has been disabled. 
  • By sending back an SMS with the content 4088, you can enable data traffic again and use data without a limit.
  • If you use a web browser, you will also get a notification message directly in your browser when you reach the limit.

Free: Mein A1

Mein A1 allows you to check all free units and the volume of data currently used online. It also allows you to retrieve your PUK for your own SIM card. You can install Mein A1 as an app directly on your mobile phone (Android, iPhone and Windows Phone 7).

A prerequisite is that you register at and provide your internal telephone number (+43-664-817-wxyz).

If you would also like to use Mein A1 for official accounting, please send an e-mail with the following data to

  • The user name (without the password) you created when registering for Mein A1 
  • Internal telephone number

Free: A1 online invoice

For free access to your A1 online invoice, please register at Send your selected user name to so that the ZID can register you for the online invoice. 

After the successful completion of the registration, you will receive an e-mail invitation to the online invoice. You can now access your latest 6 A1 mobile invoices at any time.