Malfunction, loss

Employees of the University of Vienna are obliged to handle their business phones carefully. However, it is always possible that devices break or are lost.

Replacing a damaged SIM card

If your SIM card is damaged, please contact


Do not collect a replacement SIM card from the A1 shop.

Repairing damaged hardware

The mobile phone team at the ZID does not repair damaged hardware.

You have to cover the costs for the repairs yourself (exception: warranty). Ask for an estimate of costs beforehand. You require the copy of the invoice, which you got when you picked up the hardware.

Repairs by the manufacturer

You can get your damaged hardware repaired by a retailer of your choice or directly by the manufacturer.

Repairs by mobiletouch austria gmbh

The company mobiletouch austria gmbh carries out repairs for all mobile phones and tablets from a wide range of brands.

You cannot hand in the damaged hardware at the company. Rather, you have to send the hardware via mail. Please add the following documents to your parcel:

  • Contact details (return address, phone number and e-mail address for possible queries)
  • Copy of the invoice
  • Detailed description of the malfunction (repair order)
  • List of all items sent along so that the company can return everything again

The general terms and conditions of mobiletouch apply. You have to pay for the estimate of costs.


Please save all your data before having your device repaired. Otherwise, they may be deleted. Do not send along your SIM card.

Failure in mobile data connection

If your mobile phone cannot establish a mobile data connection, it may be that the APN (Access Point Name) is not registered. For further information, please go to or call the following numbers:

  • A1 Hotline: 0800-664-444
  • A1 information service (EUR 1.08 per minute): 999-118-664 (you can only pre-dial 999 on mobile phones of the A1 network)


If you lose your mobile phone, please call A1 Telekom Austria AG immediately to have your internal telephone number (+43-664-817-wxyz) disabled. 

A1 Hotline

  • In Austria: 0800-664-444 or 0800-664-664
  • From abroad: +43-664-664-664

If you do not know your telephone number(s), please log in at Registering a business phone and check what your telephone number is. 

In addition, you have to report the loss by sending an e-mail to

If you find the device again, the mobile phone team can reactivate all your permissions. Otherwise, you have to apply for a duplicate of your SIM card at