User profiles

With centrally managed PCs, your personal program settings – the so-called user profile – are stored centrally on a server. They are loaded to your desktop when you log in and are copied back to the server when you log out.

Advantages of users profiles

  • You can use any centrally managed PC at your organisational unit and always find your familiar work environment.
  • If your centrally managed PC is defective, you can immediately continue working at another device with your personal settings and files.
  • The user profile is stored automatically, which prevents data loss.

Storage space for user profiles

Storage space for user profiles is limited to 2 GB by default. You can check how much storage space you are currently using under My u:account.

  • Keep your user profile as small as possible. This shortens the time it takes to log in or log out.
  • If an error message appears during the log-out telling you that your server-stored user profile was not fully synchronised, the available storage space may be full. Therefore, your personal profile cannot be stored on the server.

In this case, please follow the user guide Benutzerprofil optimieren (optimising your user profile).

Technical details

By default, every user can use 4 GB on the server for his/her user profile. When you log out, all new and changed files are stored before the old files are deleted. For this process, you need twice as much storage space and the profile must not be larger than 2 GB.


Please contact the IT representative at your organisational unit. Search your organisational unit in u:find. You can find the name of the IT representative responsible for you there.