This user guide will help you to set up the synchronisation of Android devices with the Exchange server of the University of Vienna. You do not have to install an additional software. E-mails, appointments and contacts can be synchronised.


If you experience delayed receipts of calls with HTC devices, you can turn off the function CFU query with camp on by typing in  *#*#2347#*#*


  • Android device with installed and operating internet connection
  • A valid u:account UserID and password
  • A valid Exchange account of the University of Vienna

Installing Exchange

The installation can vary between the different Android devices.

Go to the Settings of your Android smartphone.

Screenshot Android Settings Icon

Select Accounts in the menu.

Android Settings Accounts

Press Add account.

Screenshot Android Add Account

Select Exchange.

Screenshot Android Settings Add Account - Exchange

Type in your e-mail address of the University of Vienna. Then press Set up manually.

Screenshot Android Settings Excange account - e-mail address

Type in the following details:

  • Password: Your u:account password
  • Domain\Username: d\u:account UserID (For example: d\zufallr0)
  • Server:

Press Next.

Screenshot Andorid Exchange configuration

To complete the basic configuration press Done.

Screenshot Android Exchange account added

Open the Gmail App.

Screenshot Android Gmail App

Press the menu icon in the upper left corner.

Screenshot Android Gmail App

Choose Settings.

Screenshot Android Gmail menue

Select your exchange e-mail address.

Screenshot Android Gmail settings

Change the following details:

  • Your name: Your name
  • Mobile signature: Remove the default gmail advertisment. You can add your own signature instead.

Screenshot Android Gmal e-mail settings