Outlook 2016

This user guide will help you to set up the Exchange functionalities in Outlook 2016 under Windows.


Make sure to store all data before the migration to the Exchange server system. The ZID does not take any responsibility for data loss during the transfer of data to the Exchange system.


  • Installed Outlook 2016 (for example as part of Office 2016)
  • A working internet connection
  • A valid u:account UserID and password
  • A valid Exchange account of the University of Vienna


First time opening Outlook 2016

Start the program Outlook 2016. If you are already using Outlook 2016 with another e-mail account and would like to add a new e-mail account, go to Add Exchange as additional account.

If you have not configured an e-mail account yet, you should see the following window:

Click Next.

Screenshot Outlook 2016 welcome screen

Select Yes and click Next. Continue the configurations in the text below.

Screenshot Outlook 2016 add an email account

Add Exchange as an additional account

In the menu, click File.

Screenshot Outlook 2016 menue

Select Account Settings and again Account Settings… below

Screenshot Outlook 2016 account settings

On the top left corner click New ...

Screenshot Outlook 2016 Account settings

Type in the following data:

  • Your name: Shown as your sender name
  • E-mail address: Your e-mail address of the University of Vienna
  • Password: Your u:account password

Then, click Next.

Screenshot Outlook 2016 Add Account

Depending on the Windows verison you have to click More choices or you can continue with the next step.

Screenshot Outlook 2016 Exchange Login - More Choices

Click Use a different account.

Screenshot Outlook 2016 Exchange Login - Use a different account

Type in the following data:

  • First row: Your u:account UserID in the form d\UserID (Example: d\zufallr0)
  • Second row: Your u:account password

You can activate the option Remember my credentials. Click OK.

Screenshot Outlook 2016 Exchange Login

Click Finish.

Screenshot Outlook 2016 Exchange configured