Forwarding e-mails

Like the change of address order with a post office it is also possible to forward e-mails automatically to one or more e-mail addresses of your choice. Adding and changing a forward can be done online via web browser and is available to students and staff with their UserID. 

Add or change a forward

Please log in with your UserID and password via the following link:

e-mail forwarding web interface

Click OK

After successful login you have to fill out a form with the e-mail addresses you want to get all new messages sent to in the future. Please use the fields Neue Weiterleitungen for the forwarding addresses. It is possible to use more than one forwarding address to get your e-mails sent to.

Keep a copy on the server

You want to forward your e-mails but also keep a copy on the server of the University of Vienna (to read it with an e-mail programme and/or pine)? Activate the field Weiterleitung an den Exchange-Server.

Forward to a mobile phone

Forwarding a message to a mobile phone is not possible.