FAQ for Microsoft Teams

Here you can find a collection of frequently asked questions about working with Microsoft Teams.



Which platforms is Microsoft Teams available for?
Which browsers are suitable for the use of the web client?
Is there a Linux app?
How can I add a new contact or a contact to my contact list?
When will the transfer from the test version to the official version take place?

Account and registration


If I have already created an account on my own, does it need to be assigned permission retroactively?
When I start Microsoft Teams, I see this message: „Someone has already set up Teams for your organization“ and I cannot access it. What should I do?

Teams and channels


How can I create a team?
How many teams can a user create?
How many teams can a user be a member of?
How many members can join a team?
How many owners can a team have?
How can I add a team owner?
What is the difference between a public and a private team?
What are channels?
How can I create a channel in a team?
Which characters must NOT be used when naming a channel?
How many channels can be created per team?
Where are the files stored that are shared in a channel?

Conversations and calls


How can I add external people or guests to video conferences?
How many people can attend a conversation?
What size of shared PowerPoint files is allowed?
How can I start a conversation in a team?
Wie kann ich meinen Hintergrund bei Videobesprechungen ändern?
Kann man ein eigenes Hintergrundbild einbinden, z. B. mit dem Logo der Universität Wien?

Calendar and Exchange


What about migrating the calendar and e-mails from the cloud?
Exchange to Microsoft Teams, Teams to Exchange or a hybrid version – is anything planned or are there recommendations for users?
Does the calendar speak Dav? Can I embed a calendar that is visible to the world in a website (just like a Google calendar)?
Can I send event invitations to Linux?
How are links in e-mails forwarded?
Does it also work without Outlook calendar?

Data protection


Are the data available in Microsoft Teams currently stored in the Microsoft cloud or on the servers of the University of Vienna?
What are employees currently allowed to put online or discuss in Microsoft Teams and what not?