All services for Organizations

  • E-mail

    Information on service e-mail addresses

  • DHCP service

    Facilitate internet access for new or mobile gadgets (in German only)

  • IP addresses

    Request IP addresses for new computers, register computers & information on IPv6 (in German only)

  • Name service (DNS)

    Management of domain names and name servers (in German only)

  • University data network

    General information on the University of Vienna's data network

  • Websites for departments

    Online storage space for websites of organisational and sub units (in German only)

  • File services

    Storage space on the file server for any data, which can be retrieved world-wide

  • University wiki

    Wiki for he collaboration in projects and work groups (in German only)

  • u:find for students

    Central information system for course and exam registration as well as grade management (in German only)

  • Administration support

    Contact persons and support for questions relating to administration and UNIVIS (in German only)

  • i3v administration software

    Second-level support and basic trainings for the administration software i3v (in German only)

  • UNIVIS rollouts

    Rollout dates for new and optimized modules of UNIVISonline, i3v and the data warehouse (in German only)

  • UNIVIS documentations

    Documentations on the development process and project management of the UNIVIS software and the data warehouse (in German only)

  • Standard software

    Operating systems and application programmes by well-known software manufacturers for departments and organisational units (in German only)

  • Hardware

    Obtain selected hardware products (desktop PCs, monitors, notebooks etc.) for organizational units through the Vienna University Computer Center (in German only)

  • Administrative computers

    PCs for organizational units which are centrally installed and managed by the Vienna University Computer Center (in German only)

  • Low-priced notebooks (u:book)

    Purchase state-of-the-art notebooks inexpensively at the beginning of the semester (in German only)

  • Administrative computers - Support

    Support for administrative computers (in German only)

  • Central IT Purchasing

    Purchasing IT products for organizational units of the University of Vienna (in German only)

  • Staff directory

    Displaying search results from the staff directory (in German only)

  • Department directory

    Displaying search results from the department directory (in German only)

  • Course directory

    Displaying search results form the course directory (in German only)

  • Audio- und Videotechnik

    Audio- und Videotechnik in zentral verwalteten Lehrveranstaltungsräumen

  • EZKS - Elektronisches Zutrittskontrollsystem

    Das elektronische Zutrittskontrollsystem der Standorte der Uni Wien

  • u:screen - Infoscreens

    Informations-Bildschirme an vielen Standorten der Uni Wien

  • Time server

    Time service for synchronizing time on servers and clients (in German only)

  • Server housing

    Information on central services and virtual as well as physical server housing at the Vienna University Computer Center (in German only)

  • u:phone

    Information on the new telephone system of the University of Vienna (in German only)

  • Mobile telephony

    Registration and deregistration of business mobile phones, phone models, payment plans, additional services etc. (in German only)

  • IT Security

    General information and tips on IT security

  • Department firewall

    Department firewall centrally managed by the ZID (in German only)

  • SSL certificates

    Secure server with SSL certificates for encrypted connections (in German only)

  • Password policy

    This policy refers to user rights which are assigned and managed by the ZID within the scope of general services (in German only)