Tips for users

The IT security team of the University of Vienna has compiled a comprehensive list of tips for students and employees to make daily work on the computer – be it on desktop, laptop or mobile devices – more secure.

Security objectives

The objective of IT security is to protect data and services. In doing so, three aspects are key:

  • Confidentiality
  • Integrity
  • Availability

It is not possible to provide absolute security. Therefore, the biggest challenge is to analyse risks and implement measures that optimally meet the objectives of the users and the organisation.

IT security is not responsible for the necessary and permitted processing of personal data. For further information about data protection, please visit the website of the Data Protection Officer of the University of Vienna.

Implementing tips

Some of the tips listed below require advanced user skills as well as administrator access to the device. They are targeted at employees of the ZID, IT representatives at organisational units as well as users who manage their devices themselves (e.g. students).


Do research online and use the information provided by the device and software manufacturers to check or update the current configurations of your device.