APA Science Information Archive


Students and staff of the University of Vienna can use the APA science information archive. It contains more than 630.000 articles in full version and dates back to 1989. The events database contains current events in the areas of education, science, technology and innovation. 

The APA science database is available at: science.apa.at

About APA Science

APA Science is the Austrian communication network for future topics. Initiated by APA (Austria Press Agency), the platform offers multimedial reporting on topics about science and education, as well as current reports on leading players of the Austrian knowledge landscape. 

The partners of APA Science belong to the most important figures of the Austrian knowledge landscape, among others responsible institutions and funding bodies, research institutes, innovative companies, universities and school networks. APA Science offers to its partners an information hub as well as - via APA - an efficient multiplying factor to the media.

Conditions of use

The access to APA Science happens automatically through the data network of the University of Vienna. This is easily possible in the Computer Rooms, with the terminals or administration computers. Identifiable through the slogan "Willkommen uniwiecampus!" in the top right corner of the APA website. 

Outside the University of Vienna's network the access is possible via VPN. You can find more details on the VPN website.