IT security

The objective of IT security is to protect data and services. In doing so, three aspects are key:

  • confidentiality;
  • integrity;
  • availability.

As it is impossible to achieve total security, the challenge is to analyse the risks and to take those measures that are most conducive to the objectives of the organisation. 


The password to your u:account gives you access to numerous services, the abuse of which may cause a lot of trouble and material damage.

To ensure a clearly defined and state-of-the-art security level in dealing with passwords, a relevant policy has been drawn up. This policy came into force on 1 March 2013. The following documents are available:

ACOnet-CERT: If an incident does occur

There is no such thing as 100 % security, and incidents with regard to IT security must always be considered a possibility. The ACOnet-CERT operated by the University of Vienna

  • is actively looking for security incidents within the scope of its possibilities;
  • receives reports of third parties who have noticed incidents in ACOnet; and
  • coordinates remedial measures.

For matters concerning the University of Vienna, ACOnet-CERT can be contacted at

Additional information: