u:account for employees

The ZID provides all employees of the University of Vienna (both academic and non-academic staff as well as external teachers) with a comprehensive IT service portfolio. In order to use it you need to apply for a u:account.

Your u:account consists of

  • your userID and
  • a password of your choosing.

When you set up a u:account, an e-mail address will be created simultaneously.

Applying for a u:account as employee

Complete the web screen according to the navigation, choose a password and follow the corresponding instructions.

You can change your password online any time. Please pay attention to the tips on how to choose a secure password.

If, for some reason, online registration fails, please contact the ZID Helpdesk.

Please note:

If there has already been created a u:account for you in advance or you own an account for students, please turn - as soon as you have a valid contract of employment with the University of Vienna - to the helpdesk of the ZID to get a u:account for employees with all corresponding privileges.

Details on your u:account

Details on your u:account are available on the My u:account page.

Validity of your u:account

Your u:account is valid as long as your name appears in the staff directory or - if you are externally employed - as long as the department confirms your employment. You will be notified by e-mail in due time before your u:account expires.

You can find more information about the expiration of the u:account for employees on the u:account-Ablauf webpage (in German only).

Terms of use

When registering for u:account, you accept the terms of use.

What the u:account for employees has to offer

Information Brochure: IT-Services for StaffYou can find an overview of the IT services of the Computer Center in our information brochure:

IT Services for Staff

  • access to e-mail services including personal e-mail address (first name.last name@univie.ac.at);
  • e-learning – access to university-wide learning platforms;
  • online storage space in u:cloud on servers of the University of Vienna;
  • web space for your personal website and/or your personal files;
  • access to data stored there from any computer through file services;
  • use of public computer rooms at the University of Vienna (Internet access, Office programmes, etc.);
  • entry of the URL of your website, office hours, notes and photo in u:find - the University of Vienna's online staff directory via u:space;
  • use of Wi-Fi (eduroam and u:connect) and wired Internet access u:connect-wired of the ZID;
  • VPN access to use all University of Vienna web services from anywhere with no limits;
  • use of u:phone;
  • u:book service – high-end laptops at favourable prices;
  • u:print – use the University’s printing system;
  • access to u:space (for teachers to administer study programmes and examinations etc.).