University data network


Already back in the early 1990s, the Vienna University Computer Center started to set up a data network infrastructure at the University of Vienna. Since then, the infrastructure has been constantly expanded and adapted to growing user needs. 

The ZID currently provides access to the Internet in more than 70 University of Vienna locations. In most cases, the Gigabit Ethernet technology is used. Optic fibre cables connect most of the locations, altogether creating an optic fibre network of more than 5.000 km. The approximately 25,000 computers at the University are connected to the University's data network almost exclusively by 100 Mbit twisted pair Ethernet.

To connect this large number of computers to the Internet with an appropriate bandwidth, the University of Vienna maintains a high-performance redundant connection to the Austrian Academic Computer Network ACOnet.

In addition to the University of Vienna’s data network, the ZID also operates  ACOnet and the Vienna Internet eXchange.

You have accessed the university data network if the following applies

Computers behind the university firewall are only accessible via port 22 (SSH) and 81 from outside the university network.