u:account Regulations for Use

Whoever registers for a u:account and the use of these services is obliged to abide by the following regulations for use.

I. Purpose of the u:account

  1. The u:account is the access to all services for all those studying and all employees of the University of Vienna.
  2. The u:account is primarily conceived as an aid to academic work.

II. Intended use

  1. If use is in accordance with the purpose of the u:account, then all activities necessary for use are permitted.
  2. The Vienna University Computer Center (ZID - Zentraler Informatikdienst) decides in an actual case whether or not a specific use is in accordance with the purpose of the u:account.

III. Inadmissible use

  1. Use for commercial or business purposes is not allowed.
  2. Excessive use for private purposes or personal activities is not permitted.
  3. Commercial advertising is not permitted. However, discussions about advantages and disadvantages of a product between users is permitted.
  4. Usage with the aim of illegal activity, as well as the attempt to gain unauthorized access to systems, software, services or information is not permitted.
  5. All transmitted messages which endanger public order and safety or morals, or which transgress the law, are not permitted.
  6. Usage which has the effect of annoying or frightening another user is not permitted.
  7. Those uses which hinder another user or service provider, or disturb the proper functioning of the u:account or associated networks, is not permitted.
  8. The unauthorized copying and distribution of software, as well as all kinds of use contrary to copyright law, are not permitted.

IV. Obligations of users

  1. The user is obliged to take note of the regulations for use and to obey the instructions of the authorized personnel.
  2. The user bears the responsibility of ensuring that the network infrastructure at his/her disposal and the services offered are not used illegally by third parties.
  3. The user bears full responsibility for the use of his/her permitted use. Transference of permitted use to another person is not allowed. The user must keep his/her password strictly secret and occasionally alter it.
  4. On suspicion of misuse of one's own or another's permitted use, the user must report the suspicion to the Zentraler Informatikdienst (ZID - Vienna University Computer Center).
  5. The user declares himself/herself prepared to support the Zentraler Informatikdienst and organizations working together with the Zentraler Informatikdienst, when investigating impermissible use or damage.
  6. If the user should use the u:account in order to gain access to other networks or services, then the user must hold to the regulations for this network and possible networks in between.
  7. Users can be made responsible and liable for all harm done to the u:account, their services and the services of third parties brought about within the scope of the use of the u:account.
  8. The user must take care to use the u:account on the principles of sensible and economical use, in order to minimize the load on the u:account.
  9. The user will undertake no manipulation of the infrastructure and the services of the u:account.
  10. The illegal copying of IT programs residing with the Vienna University Computer Center (ZID - Zentraler Informatikdienst) is prohibited. Should copies be illegally produced, the user will be made liable for claims made upon the Zentraler Informatikdienst by the Licensor.

V. Denial of permitted use

The Vienna University Computer Center (ZID - Zentraler Informatikdienst) reserves the right to sever active network connections of a user, if an impermissible use is discovered. In the case of a recurrence the user's permitted use can be withdrawn.

VI. Further applicable rules (German only)