Access with an app on Android

This user guide helps you to connect to u:cloud with an app on Android.

Installing the u:cloud app

  1. Install the u:cloud app of the Universitiy of Vienna from the Google Play Store.
  2. After starting the app, you have to enter your u:account-UserID and your u:account password and click on Login.

Managing your files and uploads

The app retrieves the files and folders that are saved on your u:cloud.

If you haven’t uploaded anything so far, then you should be able to only read some text, that suggests that you should upload something.

Screenshot u:cloud Android Dateien- und Ordnerliste

If you want to upload something to u:cloud, click on the blue plus symbol down right and choose Upload.

Screenshot u:cloud Datei hochladen

You can also create a new folder, if you choose New Folder. Enter a name and click OK.

Sceenshot u:cloud Ordner benennen

To close the app, click on your home screen symbol or close it with your task manager.

After your first login, your profile is going to be saved.