Synchronise contacts with Thunderbird

These user guides will help you to store and access your locally saved contacts with Thunderbird in the u:cloud.

  1. Install the add-on SOGo Connector for Thunderbird.
  2. In your u:cloud open Kontakte (contacts).
  3. You can find the gear symbol with all settings down on the left.
  4. To the right of the control panel Kontakte (contacts) you can find an icon named Link
  5. Click on it and copy the shown link.

Screenshot u:cloud CardDAV Link - Kopieren

  1. In Thunderbird open your addresses via Extras – Adress book
  2. To connect a new address book with the u:cloud, open File New – Remote address book.
  3. In the following window select a name for the address book and paste the previously copied CardDAV link in the URL field.
  4. Confirm with OK
  5. With a right click open the newly created address book and select Synchronise.


You can also synchronise photos of contacts. In this case, use the add-on Display Contact Photo.