Managing your contacts

This user guide explains how to create and manage personal contacts online in the OpenScape Web Client.

Adding a contact

Adding a contact via the call history

  1. In the call history, click the name of the desired entry.
  2. The entry opens at the right hand side. Click the Add to My Contacts button.

Adding a contact via the search field

  1. Click the search and dial field.
  2. Then enter the name of the person you are searching.
  3. Press the Enter key or click Press enter to search for more contacts.

The telephony directory of the University of Vienna is browsed and all entries that match your search are displayed. Click the name of the correct entry.

Click the Add to My Contacts button.

Adding a contact manually

Below the search and dial field, click the add contact icon.


Enter the desired data of the contact and click Save.

How to enter the phone number correctly :

  • Extension of the University of Vienna: 5-digit extension (for example, 14699)
  • Business mobile phone: 90extension (for example, 9014699)
  • Private mobile phone: 00664xxxxx, 00676xxxxx …
  • Phone number Vienna: 001xxxxxxx 
  • Phone number Germany: 00049xxxxxxx

Deleting a contact

Click the name of the contact you would like to delete. Then click the Remove from My Contacts button.