Installation on macOS

This user guide helps you to install u:print on macOS.


If you change your u:account password after installing u:print, you have to additionally update it in the Keychain Access program under the server If you originally entered your UserID incorrectly, you will need to completely remove the whole entry for from the Keychain Access program and re-enter it. Then restart your device. Now you have to re-enter your data when using the printer. Make sure you spell it correctly with u\!


  • A valid u:account UserID and password
  • Device in the data network of the University of Vienna – if accessed from outside with VPN

Installing u:print

Open the system settings.

Screenshot macOS Icon Systemeinstellungen

Then select Printers & Scanners.

Screenshot macOS Icon Drucker & Scanner

Click the plus icon to add a new printer.

Screenshot macOS printer and scanner

In the toolbar, right-click (ALT / option + mouse button or two-finger click on the touchpad) the empty grey space.
Then select Customise Toolbar... .

Screenshot macOS set up menu bar

Drag and drop the Advanced icon into the toolbar and click Done.

Screenshot macOS Setting up symbols

Then open the added Advanced tab and enter the following data:

  • Type: Windows printer via spoolss.
  • URL:
    Students: smb://  
    Employees: smb://

Screenshot macOS add printer

Download the PPD Canon printer driver. After downloading the driver, open the DMG file by double-clicking in the Finder.

Under Use select the Other... option.

Screenshot macOS select different driver

Now open the printer driver:

  1. In the left sidebar under Locations, select the previously opened mac-ppd-v465-DE-18.dmg file.
  2. Open the iR-ADV C5535_5540 folder.
  3. Select the file CNADVC5535X1.PPD.gz.

Screenshot macOS open printer driver

Select Add.

Screenshot macOS add printer

The window Configure ““… is displayed.
Click OK.

Screenshot macOS Drucker konfigurieren

u:print should now be displayed as a printer. Under this printer, click Open Print Queue...

Screenshot macOS printer and scanner

In the menu bar, go to Printer – Print Test Page.

Screenshot macOS print test page

  1. You are prompted to enter your u:account access details:  
    Name: u\u:account-UserID
    Password: u:account password
    If you do not want to enter them each time again, activate Remember this password in my keychain.
  2. Confirm your data by clicking OK.
  3. The test page should now have disappeared from the local print queue and be displayed on the u:print device in the list of print jobs. 
  4. If you do not want 5 credits (colour print) to be deducted for the test page, do not print the test page.

Screenshot macOS u:account login details


By default all pages (even if they are only black and white) are sent as colour print to the u:print device. Therefore, when printing black-and-white documents, please note the following section Printer profiles for black-and-white printing.

Creating printer profiles for black-and-white printing

  1. Open any program with which you can access the macOS-specific printing dialogue for printing (e.g. Safari). 
  2. There, open the printer menu in the menu bar under File – Print... or by pressing the key combination cmd + P
  3. Check that the u:print printer is selected. 
  4. If you cannot see all settings, click Show Details.

Screenshot macOS print dialog

The printer menu should now be displayed as follows:

Screenshot macOS complete printing dialog

In the selection menu at the top of the grey area, select the Printer Features menu item.

Screenshot macOS printing dialog menu printing options

In the Feature Sets, select the Color menu item.

Screenshot macOS printing dialog menu colour

Set the Color Mode to Black and White.

Screenshot macOS colour mode

Under Presets, you should save these settings by clicking Save Current Settings as Preset….

Screenshot macOS printin dialog save pre-settings

Save this preset as u:print b&w.

Accordingly, you can also define a preset for colour printing. Take the same steps as described above, but select the Color option instead of the Black and White option.

Screenshot macOS save pre-settings

Now, when printing, you can choose between black-and-white and colour print under the Presets item.

Screenshot macOS printing dialog