Video upload

This user guide helps you to upload video and audio files via the u:stream web interface to publish them as on-demand stream.


Only use the upload to u:stream if you want to make videos/audios available to other people as an on-demand stream. The service is not intended for the mere storage of files.

Access u:stream

Open the u:stream web interface. You can reach it via:

Select My series.

u:stream Screenshot Meine Serien

You will be forwarded to the weblogin. Type in your u:account userID and your password. Login is only possible for persons with an active employment account of the University of Vienna.

Screenshot – Login

Register series

Recordings are always assigned to a series in u:stream. A series is a collection of recordings. A distinction is made between two types of series:

  • Series of courses: These series are based on courses that are recorded in the university administration system i3v. If you are a teacher or tutor of a course, you can register it for u:stream. In addition to the current semester, you can also select courses from the three previous semesters.
  • User-defined series: These are series that you create freely. Employees can register any number of user-defined series to u:stream, even if they are not involved in any courses.

You decide in which series the upload should be carried out. If a series is already registered to u:stream, you can use it for uploads immediately. Otherwise you have to register the series first:

Register series of courses

  • Click Register new series.
  • In courses select the course you want to register to u:stream. If necessary, you can filter the results by semester on the top left.

Screenshot LV anmelden u:stream

  • Accept the Consent and Privacy Policy and click Sign In.

u:stream Zustimmungserklärung akzeptieren

Register user-defined series

  • Click Register new series.
  • Select Register user-defined series.

Screenshot u:stream Benutzerdefinierte Serie anlegen

  • You can now enter the details of the user-defined series:

    • Title of the series
    • Contributors to the series
    • Semester which the series is assigned to: Here you can enter a specific semester or create a series without a semester assignment.

Screenshot Benutzerdefinierte Serie Detail

  • Accept the consent and privacy policy and click Register.

Screenshot Zustimmungserklärung


With all series you register to u:stream, you can use the entire u:stream portfolio. This includes recording and live streaming in the lecture halls with u:stream equipment.


  • Select a series registered to u:stream for upload. Depending on the series, it is listed under User-defended series or Courses. Also make sure that the semester selection at the top left is set correctly.

Screenshot u:stream Serie auswählen

  • On the right side you can find the information details of the selected series. Click Upload Audio/Video.

Screenshot u:stream Seriendetails


In the lecture halls with u:stream equipment, the upload feature is not available on the lecture hall PCs.

  • Select the file(s) to upload, all common audio/video file formats are supported. You can search for the files via selecting file(s) in the file browser or drag and drop them into the circle.

Screenshot u:stream Upload

  • The selected files are now in the upload list. If necessary, you can change the file name before uploading by clicking on the pencil symbol (renaming is no longer possible after uploading). Start the upload by clicking on Upload.

Screenshot u:stream Uploadliste

The files will now be uploaded. Depending on file size and internet connection this may take some time, you can move the brower into the background during the upload.

  • After the upload is finished, you can upload more files or go back to the series overview.

Screenshot u:stream Upload abgeschlossen

Publish uploaded files

After the upload, the files are processed for streaming. As soon as the processing is complete, you will receive an e-mail for each uploaded file with information on the publishing options.

Screenshot publishing u:stream file

You have several options:

  • Publishing the series in Moodle: With the series ID (series= ...) you can publish all recordings of a series in Moodle courses. You can find more information in the user guides of Serie mit Aktivität u:stream veröffentlichen (Publishing a series with u:stream activity, in German).
  • Publishing of a single recording in Moodle: With the video ID (id= ...) you can publish individual recordings in Moodle courses. You can find more information in the user guide Einzelvideo mit Aktivität u:stream veröffentlichen (Publishing a single video with u:stream activity, in German). Alternatively, you can make the link available next to Player in Moodle.
  • Publishing on websites via link: Via the link next to Player you can publish the individual video on any website. You simply have to copy the link and paste it on the website.
  • Embed Code for embedding in websites: With the Embed Code, you can embed a player with the video anywhere on your website. If necessary, you can adjust the size of the player by changing the values for width and height, just make sure to maintain the ratio of width and height.
  • Plugin for TYPO3 pages of the University of Vienna: This plugin integrates a player with the video directly into a TYPO3 page. Information on how to use this plugin can be found in the TYPO3 user guide Embedding video.


Access to videos and livestreams of your series can be restricted to students from one or more Moodle courses if required.