Website for organisational units

Organisational units and subunits at the University of Vienna have various options to create their website and launch it on the internet.

Selecting service

Organisational units at the University of Vienna have two free options of creating and managing their websites:

  • in TYPO3, the University of Vienna's content management system
  • or on their own web space.

We primarily recommend the use of TYPO3, as there are a lot of advantages associated with it.

In both cases, the domain automatically receives an SSL certificate and you can only access the website via https://.


TYPO3 is the central content management system (CMS) of the University of Vienna. This web-based system allows users to edit the contents of their website online.

Use the form Anmeldung einer TYPO3-Seite (Requesting a TYPO3 website). You can find more information on TYPO3 im Intranet der Universität Wien (TYPO3 on the University of Vienna's intranet).

What are the advantages of TYPO3?

  • Knowledge of HTML and webdesign not required
  • No additional software installation
  • System use easy to learn (course dates)
  • Several persons can work on the website at the same time
  • Design always corresponds to the University of Vienna’s corporate design 
  • High recognition value and easy orientation for website users
  • Is being continuously developed
  • Assistance by the TYPO3 support team of the ZID in case of technical problems. Contact: 


Own web space

Organisational units can save, edit and launch HTML pages on their web space, allocated to the web server under

Use the form Requesting a web space. For further information, please go to Web space.

What are the advantages of the own web space?

  • It might be the case that websites for cooperations or congresses can't use or are not allowed to use the design of the University of Vienna. In these cases, the own webspace offers flexibility.
  • Integration of additional tools, e.g. databases, is possible.

Please note

  • HTML or CMS knowledge required
  • No courses offered by the ZID
  • Limited ZID support

URL format

The URL ends on You can freely select what comes before that. For example:

Please consider the following aspects regarding the freely selectable components of your URL:

  • The URL should be descriptive. For example: pugilistik than ifp
  • Avoid URLs that are too long. For example: better pugilistik than programme-in-general-and-comparative-pugilistik-subject
  • Special characters, spacing characters and umlaut characters are not permitted. Hyphens are allowed
  • no proper names of employees, not even in parts or combinations (exception: research objects)
  • use lowercase characters only

Fee-based: Domain registration

Upon request, the ZID can register any domain names for organisational units and subunits. For example:

Registering a domain is subject to a charge

The ZID can only provide services for such domains (web space, TYPO3, e-mail, etc.) if the ZID is in charge of administrative and technical management of the domain. In this case, the domain automatically receives an SSL certificate and you can only access the websites via https://.

For further information, please see under Domain registration.