Windows 11

These user guides help you to install Wi-Fi via eduroam in Windows 11.


  • If your laptop has a switch to activate the Wi-Fi function, switch it on.
  • eduroam offers a secure internet connection via Wi-Fi: The authentication as well as the data transfer are encrypted and therefore secure from access by unauthorised persons.


  • u:account UserID in the form
  • Wi-Fi password. You can check your current Wi-Fi password under My u:account.
  • Device running with Windows 11 equipped with Wi-Fi
  • Correctly set system date on the computer
  • Access point in reach

Setting up eduroam

Click on the network icon in the bottom right of the screen.

Screenshot Windows 11 WiFi network icon

Click on the arrrow to the right of the Wi-Fi icon.

Screenshot Windows 11 WLAN-Symbol

If in reach of an accesspoint, you can see eduroam as well as other accessible networks in the area.

Select eduroam and click Connect.

If you want to save your u:account access details on your device, activate the option Connect automatically. If this is not needed, deactivate this option.

Screenshot Windows 11 eduroam - Verbinden

Type in the following details:

  • User name: Your u:account userID in the form
  • Password: Your Wi-Fi password

Press Connect.

Screenshot Windows 11 eduroam Zugangsdaten eingeben

Windows recognises the validity of the server certificate but shows a warning.

Click Connect.

Screenshot Windows 11 eduroam - Warnung Serverzertifkat

You are now connected to eduroam.

Screenshot Windows 11 - eduroam verbunden

Remove eduroam

This is how you remove personal eduroam access details from your device:
Click on the network icon in the bottom right of the screen and then on the arrrow to the right of the Wi-Fi icon.

With a right click on the eduroam connection and a click on Forget you can remove your eduroam access details.

Sceenshot Windows 11 - eduroam Zugangsdaten entfernen