ZID Servicedesk

Members of the University of Vienna can direct online enquiries to the ZID Servicedesk to request services or support.

 Direct link

ZID Servicedesk

Making an enquiry

  1. Log in using your u:account UserID and your password.
  2. Use the icons to navigate to the desired enquiry form.
  3. Complete the entire form and click Create to submit your enquiry.

You automatically receive a confirmation that we received your enquiry by e-mail.


Giving a response

In some cases, the agent needs further information from you (status: response needed). You will be notified by e-mail.

  1. In the e-mail notification, click Anfrage im Servicedesk ansehen (display enquiry in the Servicedesk). 
  2. Write the required information in the comment field. You can also attach files
  3. Click Hinzufügen (add) to confirm.

For some enquiries, it is possible to give your response by e-mail. In your e-mail program, click Reply and add the text above the line.



If you give a response by e-mail, only enter your text above the line. Any comments in the text of the agent’s query are not visible for the agent. 

Adjusting the settings

You can adjust additional settings in the customer portal to manage your enquiries.

  1. Log in using your u:account UserID and your password.
  2. On the top right, click My Requests. Then click Requests.
  3. Select the relevant enquiry.

The following settings are available:

  • Under Benachrichtigungen (notifications), you can decide if you want to receive e-mail notifications regarding this enquiry or not.
  • Click Teilen (share) to share the enquiry with other users.
  • Click Abbrechen (cancel) to withdraw your enquiry.