Invitation to the IT4Science Forum


Research needs powerful and innovative IT infrastructure and services. In line with the digitalisation strategy of the University of Vienna the newly initiated IT for Science Forum is aimed specifically at scientists of the University of Vienna to support them in their research, research-led teaching and knowledge transfer activities with specialized IT applications.

The University of Vienna is focusing on the long-term strategic implementation of digital innovations in many areas. In the Digitalisation strategy the area of research is cited as one of the important areas for digital solutions:

„Researchers need a research infrastructure that provides professional services and support throughout their projects, ranging from the idea and research proposal, the implementation and organisation to the dissemination and application of research results. This also includes the handling of research data, ranging from the planning phase and data collection, analysis and interpretation to publication, storage and archiving.“

From this awareness for comprehensive digital support in research and the specific needs of researchers with regard to IT, some concrete questions can be derived:

  • How could such a research infrastructure look like and be used?
  • What IT services are already available at the University of Vienna, respectively which tools will be offered or developed for the future?
  • How can IT services be used in the different research disciplines and fields?
  • How can IT solutions be adapted to individual needs?


To provide answers to these and further questions and to create a space for exchange, the IT for Sciene Forum was developed.

The IT for Science Forum event series wants to be a platform to present researchers with current IT solutions and trend-setting developments and projects in the field of IT and for researchers to share their experiences with IT that can support them in their research work. These include, for example:

  • scientific software applications,
  • scientific IT platforms,
  • high-performance computing projects,
  • research data management, etc.


Service managers of the ZID and guest speakers will present services and their possible application using concrete projects as examples.


Upcoming event

On Tuesday, 11 October 202210:00–12:00 (GMT+02:00), the first IT for Science Forum will take place online via Zoom and will be held in English.

We are pleased that numerous registrations have already been received. All those who have not yet registered are hereby invited once again to the IT for Science Forum.



Detailed information about the topics and speakers can be found on the IT4Science wiki page.



Digitalisation for Researchers at the University of Vienna

The Role of the ZID in Supporting IT for Researchers


Topic 1: IT for Open Science

Open Science Landscape

Research Data Management and European Open Science Cloud: FAIR Data

Jupyter Notebook – Prototype in Computational Chemistry


Topic 2: Cloud

Cloud Strategy of the University of Vienna

Public Cloud Services: Microsoft Azure and AWS

Cloud Computing for Teaching and Research


More information: IT4Science wiki page

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