IT for Science Forum: The nature of collaboration


The second IT for Science Forum focused on natural and life sciences.

Around 100 participants were registered for the second installement of the IT for Science Forum on 19 April 2023. The idea of this event is to present and discuss cutting edge IT and its contribution to scientific research at the University of Vienna and beyond.

This time the focus was laid on natural and life sciences, with presentations from meteorology, zoology and biology. In the second part of the event the ZID gave tips on how to plan projects that will demand a lot of bandwidth and how to use the online LaTeX editor Overleaf to collaborate.

In his opening remarks, Vice-Rector Ronald Maier pointed out the importance of collaboration between science, research and teaching on the one hand, and central service providers like the ZID and the University Library on the other hand.

“This is a special event. It is something you do not find that easily at other universities, where people from the sciences and from the professional services speak together, join forces in order to share their experiences from joint projects, where IT infrastructure and IT systems are built that actually help scientists for their scientific endeavours.”

Ulf Busch, CIO of the University of Vienna and Head of the ZID, added: 

“We would like to offer a platform for all these aspects based on innovation, experience and technical knowledge, looking at how digital development is actually used when creating and managing scientific data. Let us look at the amazing work that is actually being done with data in the world of research at the University of Vienna and beyond.”


You can find the presentation slides and a video recording of the event on the IT for Science Wiki page.


The next IT for Science Forum will take place on Tuesday, 24 October, 9:00–11:00 (GMT+02:00), again online via Zoom. 

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