25 April – Daughters' Day at the ZID


Girls aged 14 and over who go to school can still register until 15 April.

We are the Zentraler Informatikdienst of the University of Vienna and we run the IT for 100,000 students, researchers, lecturers and administrative staff. We'll take you into our world for a day: set up the camera equipment in a lecture hall, read something from the teleprompter and stream your lecture on the internet. Prove your dexterity by assembling network plugs. Take a walk with us through the basement of the university, which is not open to the public, and take a look at the cables and servers of our enormous data network. And do you actually know who Ada Lovelace was? This and more awaits you at the ZID Daughters' Day - we look forward to seeing you!

Click here to register.

[Translate to Englisch:] Töchtertag-Foto: Astrid Knie