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Using IT securely: new interactive information and training programme

Strengthening employees’ IT security skills with videos, quizzes and webinars to ward off cyberattacks – that is the aim of a new information...


In August 2023 the Italian pre-exascale HPC system LEONARDO began the regular operation of its so-called Booster module which draws its enormous...


The ZID's new u:shop hardware goes online on 27 June.


Interested parties can now find out about the basics of digital accessibility in a flexible self-study programme with the help of an online course.


Das Team Licensing & Training des Zentralen Informatikdienstes der Universität Wien sucht qualifizierte Trainer*innen für die Organisation und...


The ZID is launching a multimedia information campaign to raise awareness of IT security. After all, user behaviour is crucial for IT security at the...


A secure IT infrastructure also requires the secure use of passwords. On 21 March, the Passwords Terms of Use used in the context of the ZID’s IT...


Support, training, data stewards and storage infrastructure, such as the PHAIDRA repository, make research data management easier.


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