IT services Terms of Use

  • Last modified on: 14.07.2021
  • Approved by: Ulf Busch
  • Responsible for content: Markus Ankner
  • Editing and design: IT Communications & Marketing

General Terms of Use for the IT services of the University of Vienna:


All users are obliged to comply with the statutory provisions in connection with the use of the IT services of the University of Vienna, in particular the provisions of data protection and those to protect personal rights.


Communication in all channels, services, technical facilities and user groups must be objective and appreciative. In particular, all users are prohibited from communicating content that violates statutory provisions, is immoral, discriminatory, insulting or defamatory. The same applies to content, formulations and behaviours that are likely to damage the reputation and/or wellbeing of members of the University of Vienna.

The users are solely responsible for the content communicated by them.


Compliance with the terms of use and these general rules of conduct as well as the statutory provisions in connection with the use of IT services is the sole responsibility of the user. In particular, the ZID is not obliged to notify users of any violations.


Technologies are used to detect or prevent security incidents. The ZID expressly reserves the right to discontinue offered IT services in whole or in part without prior notice or to limit their availability for the offending users.


These general terms of use can be supplemented, modified and replaced in individual cases by additional service-specific conditions.