Automatic shutdown for centrally managed desktop PCs

01.02.2023 00:00

In the course of the sustainability strategy of the University of Vienna, from 01.02.2023 all centrally managed desktop PCs will be shut down automatically every day at 22:00 with the aim of saving energy.

Exceptions that prevent automatic shutdown:

  • A user is logged in to the desktop PC or the screen is locked by a user.
  • The centrally managed device is a laptop.
  • The centrally managed device is a control or measurement PC on which no user is logged in, but which nevertheless should not be shut down by setting a corresponding system variable by an IT representative.

With the automatic shutdown, all available software packages will be installed for the respective device.

All centrally managed desktop devices can be shut down manually at any time.


If you have any questions, please contact your IT representative.