The final curtain for the u:stream server


After more than 15 years, the oldest ZID service for video management is now retiring: the u:stream server is being switched off. From 1 February 2024, videos can no longer be uploaded, and from 1 July, videos stored on the u:stream server will no longer be available.

"It might be a little difficult to tell the difference from the name", explains Markus Hintermayer, service operator at the ZID. "The u:stream server was the predecessor of u:stream. From 2008, this tool made it possible for the first time to upload on servers at the University of Vienna and publish videos you had created yourself. Technically, the u:stream server used the Share service. Users needed special authorisation and had to connect to the server as a network drive on their computer."

As innovative as this was in the beginning, usage has steadily declined in recent years. Most recently, hardly any videos were stored on the u:stream server. Since the launch of the browser-based u:stream administration, which allows videos to be easily recorded, uploaded, edited, published and managed, the service has actually become obsolete.

Download videos now

The ZID is therefore consolidating its video tools and decommissioning the u:stream server. Those responsible now have until 30 June to download and save the videos stored there. Authorised persons can find out how to do this by e-mail and in a practical user guide.

Incidentally, the u:stream server also has recordings of lectures from 2019 and earlier that were recorded in the lecture hall and automatically uploaded using the predecessor of today's u:stream service. If you still need these recordings, please contact u:stream support directly.

Or maybe it's time to say thank you for your attention and goodbye!

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