Upon request, organisational units get a storage space for common use on the file server, including simple rights management.

Fur further information about the allocation of storage space and the related costs, please go to Registration, deregistration and costs.

Information for share administrators is available under Administration

Accessing the share

Use the User guides at Online storage space.

You require an active student or employee u:account, or an active extended u:account for guests to log in.

Embedding the share as a network drive

  • Server name (host): \\\sharename 
    for example: \\\pugilistik; You choose the share name during the registration.
  • User details: share\u:account UserID and u:account password
    For example: share\johndoe99

If you are not in the range of the University of Vienna's data network, you require a VPN connection to access the share.

Zugriff per SFTP oder durch MSDFS-inkompatible Rechner

Für Rechner, die MSDFS nicht unterstützen (wie etwa bei älteren Versionen von Linux und macOS).

  • Server name (host): 
    For example:; You can find the server number under My u:account.
  • User details for SFTP: u:account UserID and u:account password

This access via SFTP also works from outside the University of Vienna's data network (for example, from home).

 User guides

Use the user guides at online storage space.