Wiki – u:wiki

Employees and students of the University of Vienna as well as persons from outside the University can use the university-wide Wiki for project work.

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Form Creating a u:wiki space

Anfrage zu Add-on für u:wiki stellen

Anfrage zu u:wiki stellen

Logging in to u:wiki

You require an active student or employee u:account, or an active extended u:account for guests to log in to the Wiki.

  1. Go to the u:wiki homepage.
  2. Click on Anmelden (login) in the top right corner.


    Members of other educational institutions, who also use u:wiki in the framework of a project or cooperation, can use the login credentials of their institutions.

    Creating a Wiki space

    Use the form u:wiki-Bereich anlegen (creating a u:wiki space, in German).

    Content is organised in separate Wiki spaces. It is possible to assign different settings and access permissions to every space.

    Only persons who are employed with the University of Vienna and have a u:account for employees can create a Wiki space. These persons are responsible for the space and for managing it as administrators.

    The Wiki software at a glance

    u:wiki is based on the software Confluence by Atlassian. Main functions:

    • Organisation in spaces. The different spaces are independent from one another and are managed by space administrators. It is possible to link different spaces.
    • Rights management, allowing you to give users and user groups different access permissions for the individual spaces and pages. You can only give permissions to UserIDs that have already logged in to the Wiki once before.
    • WYSIWYG editor (similar to Microsoft Word) for creating and editing pages. Alternatively, you can use Wiki’s own syntax.
    • You can attach files (attachments) on every Wiki page.
    • Every time you change a Wiki page or an attachment, the previous version is saved. This versioning enables you to recover previous versions.
    • Notification about changes in selected spaces via RSS feed or e-mail are possible.