Cloud storage – u:cloud

u:cloud offers all employees of the University of Vienna storage space for their data in the “cloud”. The storage space amounts to 50 GB. You can access the data from any device and from anywhere. u:cloud is particularly useful for temporary storage and for sharing data easily.

For collaboration in projects, working groups or teams, the ZID recommends using u:cloud pro.


The ZID strongly advises against using external cloud services, such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Skydrive, Sugarsync, Ubuntu One, iCloud, etc. For these services, the ZID does not provide any support.

Accessing u:cloud

For the simple administration of your storage space, the relevant software is available for any operating system.

For further information, please see under user guides.

Accessing via the browser

You can edit your data on the u:cloud using any web browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Opera, etc.).

To log in, you require an active u:account for employees. Log in at the u:cloud website.

Access via a client

You can also edit your data using locally installed software:

Access via WebDAV

You can also access the u:cloud via the WebDAV protocol. You can integrate the cloud as a network drive and access the data the same way as on an (online) hard disk.

Please use the following URL for the u:cloud connection via WebDAV :

Uploading files and folders

The following characters are not allowed in file and folder names: \ : ? * " > < |

Please use the most recent versions of the browsers Chrome and Opera to upload entire folders including their content via the u:cloud website.

You can upload up to 20 files with a total size of 1,024 MB at the same time

Sharing files and folders

Sharing files and folders with employees of the University of Vienna:

  1. Click on the Share icon.
  2. Enter the name of the employee in the search field. The system gives you a list of suggestions. Select the employee with whom you would like to share a file or folder.
  3. You can also give the employee additional rights for the file or folder. Activate the relevant check box to give him/her the right to share the files or folders, or to edit (create, change, delete) the files or folders.

Sharing files and folders with students of the University of Vienna and persons outside the University:

  1. Click on the Share icon.
  2. Activate the check box Link teilen (share link). The system generates a link, which is sent out via e-mail.
  3. You can additionally authorise the recipient of the link to edit the files or folders, protect the files or folders with a password and define an expiration date.

Terms of use

The policy u:cloud (PDF, in German) applies.