u:cloud pro

For collaboration in projects, working groups or teams, employees of the University of Vienna can use u:cloud pro with 250 GB of storage space for uploading, storing and sharing data. In justified cases, it is also possible to extend u:cloud pro.

    u:cloud pro for your benefit

    The costs for u:cloud pro are the same as for the Tier-B-Storage service.

    u:cloud pro has the same functionalities as the individual u:cloud account. However, it is not connected to an individual person.

    • Data on u:cloud pro are available regardless of who is on the team.
    • Shared data on u:cloud pro and personal data on the individual u:cloud account are managed separately.
    • The storage space on the individual u:cloud remains unaffected and is not balanced against the used storage space on u:cloud pro.

    Requesting u:cloud pro

    Organisational units have to request u:cloud pro, which is then available to employees of the University of Vienna.

    1. Select two persons on your team who will be responsible for the new u:cloud pro. They have to be employees of the University of Vienna.
    2. Define a name for your u:cloud pro.
    3. Contact your IT representative. S/he will obtain the consent of the head of the organisational unit and request the installation by using the form u:cloud pro beantragen (requesting u:cloud pro, in German). The head of the organisational unit may also place this request with the ZID himself/herself.
    4. The ZID checks the request, sets up the u:cloud pro and gives the two responsible persons at the organisational units the necessary rights.
    5. After two weeks at the latest, the new u:cloud pro (with the name you defined) appears as a new folder in the Shared folder of the personal u:cloud accounts of the two responsible persons.
    6. The responsible persons give the other project members the necessary usage rights for collaboration on u:cloud pro.

      Accessing u:cloud pro

      You can access u:cloud pro via a browser or client, just like you access the u:cloud. 

      Sharing files and folders

      You can share files and folders on u:cloud pro the same way as you share files and folders on the u:cloud.


      The service life of u:cloud pro is limited to four years. If necessary, the ZID can extend it.

      Cancelling u:cloud pro

      Use the form u:cloud pro kündigen (Cancelling u:cloud pro, in German).

      You can cancel anytime without a cancellation period. You can set the cancelation date yourself in the form u:cloud pro kündigen (Cancelling u:cloud pro, in German).

      Independently from the cancellation date you will receive the final invoice on the next 1 December. For example: If you cancel your u:cloud pro on 4 December 2020, you will receive the last invoice on 1 December 2021. Only the actual accrued costs will be invoiced.

      Make sure to safe the data stored in the u:cloud pro before the cancellation date. They cannot be recovered afterwards.

      You should delete the u:cloud pro after cancellation. The ZID deletes all cancelled u:cloud pros on the confirmed cancellation date if it is still online.