u:cloud pro

For collaboration in projects, working groups or teams, employees of the University of Vienna can use u:cloud pro with 250 GB of storage space for uploading, storing and sharing data. In justified cases, it is also possible to extend u:cloud pro.


    • The u:cloud is not suitable for storing a large number of rapidly changing, especially machine-generated files.
    • You have to cancel the u:cloud pro if you no longer need it. You will be charged otherwise.

     Direct links

    Form Requesting u:cloud pro (login)

    Form Cancelling u:cloud pro (login)

    Place request for u:cloud, u:cloud pro (login)

    u:cloud pro for your benefit

    The costs for u:cloud pro are the same as for the share service.

    u:cloud pro has the same functionalities as the individual u:cloud account. However, the files are not connected to an individual person.

    • Data on u:cloud pro are available regardless of who is on the team.
    • Shared data on u:cloud pro and personal data on the individual u:cloud account are managed separately.
    • The storage space on the individual u:cloud remains unaffected and is not balanced against the used storage space on u:cloud pro.

    Requesting u:cloud pro

    Organisational units have to request u:cloud pro, which is then available to employees of the University of Vienna.

    1. Select two persons on your team who will be responsible for the new u:cloud pro. They have to be employees of the University of Vienna.
    2. Define a name for your u:cloud pro.
    3. Contact your IT representative. They will obtain the consent of the head of the organisational unit and request the installation by using the form u:cloud pro beantragen (requesting u:cloud pro, in German). The head of the organisational unit may also place this request with the ZID themself.
    4. The ZID checks the request, sets up the u:cloud pro and gives the two responsible persons at the organisational units the necessary rights.
    5. After two weeks at the latest, the new u:cloud pro (with the name you defined) appears as a new folder in the Shared folder of the personal u:cloud accounts of the two responsible persons.
    6. The responsible persons give the other project members the necessary usage rights for collaboration on u:cloud pro. For further information please see the user guide Sharing files and folders.


    Accessing u:cloud pro

    You can access u:cloud pro via a browser or client, just like you access the u:cloud. 

    Sharing files and folders

    You can share files and folders on u:cloud pro the same way as you share files and folders on the u:cloud.

    Removing a person’s authorisation

    If you want to remove a person from the list of permissions but cannot do this yourself and the person who granted the release is no longer available, use the form u:cloud, u:cloud pro. Enter the list of people to be removed from the list of permissions.

    Changing responsible person

    If you want to change one or both persons responsible for a u:cloud pro, use the form u:cloud, u:cloud pro. Specify which u:cloud pro is involved and which responsible person is to be changed.

    Cancelling u:cloud pro

    Use the form u:cloud pro kündigen (Cancelling u:cloud pro, in German).

    You can cancel anytime without a cancellation period. You can set the cancelation date yourself in the form u:cloud pro kündigen (Cancelling u:cloud pro, in German).

    Independently from the cancellation date you will receive the final invoice at the beginning of the following December. For example: If you cancel your u:cloud pro on 4 December 2020, you will receive the last invoice at the beginning of December 2021. Only the actual accrued costs will be invoiced.

    Make sure to safe the data stored in the u:cloud pro before the cancellation date. They cannot be recovered afterwards.

    You should delete the u:cloud pro after cancellation. The ZID deletes all cancelled u:cloud pros on the confirmed cancellation date if it is still online.