PHAIDRA repository

PHAIDRA is the repository of the University of Vienna for data resulting from research, teaching and administration that are available as files. These data include research results, publications or digitised media. It is based on open source software and is run by the ZID and the Vienna University Library. PHAIDRA stands for Permanent Hosting, Archiving and Indexing of Digital Resources and Assets.

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Storing data

Employees and students can store and publish text, image, audio and video files (supported formats) via PHAIDRA with no storage limit.


Clarify the rights for a file before uploading it to PHAIDRA. You cannot delete objects once you have uploaded them to PHAIDRA. For further information, please see the legal FAQs about PHAIDRA (in German).

Files stored in PHAIDRA:

  • are permanently stored and available;
  • are provided with metadata (including more than 70 fields, of which 5 are mandatory, namely title, language, description, licence);
  • have a permanent address;
  • can be accessed from anywhere;
  • can be linked to each other;
  • allow for versioning.

Depending on your needs, you can restrict access to the files in PHAIDRA to different user groups. As a general rule:  

  • The metadata are available from anywhere in the world.
  • People can find and access openly accessible files in the Internet.

The PHAIDRA repository complies with the FAIR principles. Data stored on PHAIDRA are findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable.

Instructions on how to upload files to PHAIDRA and what to consider are available under PHAIDRA services.


You can test PHAIDRA by means of a test system under

To access this test system, your device must be connected to the data network via cableeduroam Wi-Fi (only at the University of Vienna’s locations) or VPN.

Searching and reusing data

In addition to its function as a repository, PHAIDRA gives you the opportunity to reuse research data due do the already existing large data pool.

How to search for data in PHAIDRA?

  1. Open the PHAIDRA website and enter the search term in the search field to search for the data stored in PHAIDRA .
  2. With the filters in the right column, you can narrow down the results list, for example, to certain media types, licences or file sizes.
  3. If you click a search result, further information is displayed in the detail view and the file description. Via the Object links box in the right column, you can view and download the object if the access permissions are set accordingly.


PHAIDRA Local is a long-term archive that is independent of PHAIDRA and only accessible via the University of Vienna’s data network. The files archived in it and the associated metadata cannot be found or viewed on the internet, for example via search engines. PHAIDRA Local is therefore particularly suitable for sensitive files or for files with legal restrictions.

To access PHAIDRA Local, your device must be connected to the data network via cableeduroam Wi-Fi (only at the University of Vienna’s locations) or VPN.

PHAIDRA Local has all the functions of PHAIDRA. In addition, you can delete files yourself.

Policy and terms of use

The PHAIDRA Policy and the Terms of Use apply.