Wi-Fi – eduroam

The University of Vienna's Wi-Fi is called eduroam. It is available to all members of the University of Vienna in all university buildings.

Access to eduroam

Due to essential technical adjustments it might be possible that your device does not automatically connect to the Wi-Fi of the University of Vienna (eduroam) anymore. If the system does not establish a connection, you have to remove the access to eduroam from your device and install it again. See the Wi-Fi user guides for more information. 

If you have any questions, contact the ZID Helpdesk via the Servicedesk form WLAN – eduroam (Wi-Fi – eduroam, in German).

Thank you for your understanding.

 Direct links

Form Managing the Wi-Fi password

Form WLAN-Störung melden (Report Wi-Fi interruption, in German)

Form Fehlende WLAN-Abdeckung melden (Report missing Wi-Fi coverage, in German)


  • u:account UserID in the form UserID@univie.ac.at
  • Wi-Fi password

Setting up Wi-Fi

Log in using your u:account UserID in the form of UserID@univie.ac.at and your Wi-Fi password. Before logging in, you cannot access any websites or establish a VPN connection.

For further information about setting up eduroam on your devices, please see under user guides. Follow the user guide Install eduroam CAT (in German) to set up Wi-Fi with ideal security settings.


To establish a Wi-Fi connection, DHCP has to be enabled on your device. You can select the DHCP under Network in the control panel. The server will automatically assign an IP address authorised for the Wi-Fi to your device.

Changing your Wi-Fi password

For security reasons, you should change your Wi-Fi password regularly. To do so, use the form Managing the Wi-Fi password.

  1. Log in using your u:account UserID and the u:account password.
  2. You can either set a new Wi-Fi password yourself or automatically generate a new one.
  3. Enter the new Wi-Fi password on all devices on that you use eduroam.

You can check your current Wi-Fi password under My u:account.

Using Wi-Fi

If you have set up eduroam correctly, your devices will automatically connect to eduroam.

There is no time limit for Wi-Fi usage. You will stay online until

  • you log out,
  • you switch your device to sleep mode or
  • you move your device outside the range of the Wi-Fi access points.

You can change your location without having to log in again, as long as you stay in the range of the Wi-Fi access points.


People without a u:account can use the Wi-Fi for a limited period of time, for example during an event or during a work stay. The access data must be requested by an employee of the University of Vienna using the form WLAN-Gutscheine bestellen (Order WLAN vouchers).

Security on eduroam

All data traffic on eduroam is encrypted.

eduroam is protected behind two central firewallsNetwork traffic in and out of the eduroam network that is initiated by devices within this network is not subject to any restrictions. Incoming data traffic from other areas of the University as well as the internet are blocked by the firewall.

Shared folders (shared docs) are visible to all eduroam users. They can access these folders if they are not protected by a password.

  • Deactivate any shared folders that you do not want to be accessible to all eduroam users.
  • Install a firewall on your endpoint device.
  • Deactivate file and printer sharing in your Windows firewall.


 Please check the local security settings and terms of use, if you use eduroam at another participating institution.

eduroam international

eduroam (Education Roaming) is an international project. It enables users to log in to the Wi-Fi infrastructure of another participating educational institution using the Wi-Fi login details of their own educational institution.

Further information and participating countries:

 User guides

To the Wi-Fi user guides