Wi-Fi (eduroam)

Compulsory eduroam password since 28 March 2018

For security reasons a separate eduroam password for accessing Wi-Fi is compulsory for all users since 28 March. u:accounts without separate eduroam password have already automatically received one. The affected users can find their eduroam password on the My u:account webpage. They can subsequently choose their password, or let the machine generate another password automatically via the eduroam password interface. Accessing the Wi-Fi with the u:account password is not possible anymore.

How to change your eduroam password:

Here is what to do afterwards:

  • Update the Wi-Fi password on all devices you want to use for eduroam.
  • We suggest to also change the u:account password afterwards. Instructions on how to delete previous access data on your devices can be found in our wi-fi tutorials.

What you should also know:

After you have set or generated your eduroam password, you can find it on the My-u:account-page at any time.


The Wi-Fi service of the ZID is available to university members in lecture halls, libraries and other public areas of the University of Vienna and can be accessed via notebook, smartphones, tablets etc.

  • Stay safe and secure due to encrypted traffic
  • Accessable in many educational institutions internationally
  • Worldwide login with your personal user ID and eduroam password
  • Once set up, eduroam connects automatically


The ZID Wi-Fi service can be accessed with a valid u:account userID and eduroam password (<UserID>@univie.ac.at + eduroam password).

It is not possible to access a website before logging in (except the login page). A VPN connection is only possible after you have logged in.

There is no time limit for Wi-Fi use. You remain online until you log out manually, put your device to sleep or take it out of range of the access point. A change of locations without logging in again is possible as long as you remain within the transmission area of the Wi-Fi access points.

Please note regarding folder sharing: please be aware that any shared folders are visible to everyone in Wi-Fi, and unless a password has been set they can also be viewed. Remove undesired or unnecessary sharing, install a firewall or deactivate file and printer sharing in the Windows firewall.


Eduroam (Education Roaming) is an international project which facilitates the use of the Wi-Fi infrastructure (according to IEEE 802.1X standards) of numerous European educational institutions with the login details of your home network (for students and staff of the University of Vienna: UserID@univie.ac.at). For further details and the participating countries please see the official European eduroam website or the Austrian eduroam project page at aco.net.


In order to connect to the Wi-Fi, you have to activate DHCP on your computer. In Windows this is carried out via Control panel - Network - Properties. There you should set obtain IP address automatically. Then you are allocated an IP address automatically by the server. You can test whether the network is working by sending a ping to your gateway.

u:account userIDs for non-members

Guests of the University of Vienna who don't have a u:account and wish to obtain network access via Wi-Fi can have a u:account for non-members set up for them by a user with a u:account for employees. Please note: in the case of misuse, the u:account user who set up the userID for non-members is liable for the consequences.

Wi-Fi firewall

The eduroam network is protected by two firewalls (from 25.10.2016) to raise its security level. All incoming and outgoing data connections initiated by devices within the eduroam network are not subject to restrictions. Incoming data connections from other university areas as well as the internet are blocked by the firewall.

If you have any further questions please contact the Helpdesk of the ZID.

Technische Details

WLAN-IPv4/IPv6-Details >>

405 2001:62a:4:42c::/64
406 2001:62a:4:42d::/64
407 2001:62a:4:42e::/64
408 2001:62a:4:42f::/64
616 2001:62a:4:42b::/64
613 2001:62a:4:42a::/64
610 2001:62a:4:429::/64
449 2001:62a:4:428::/64
380 2001:62a:4:420::/64
381 2001:62a:4:421::/64
382 2001:62a:4:422::/64
383 2001:62a:4:423::/64
384 2001:62a:4:424::/64
391 2001:62a:4:425::/64
386 2001:62a:4:426::/64
387 2001:62a:4:427::/64
399 2001:62a:4:430::/64
400 2001:62a:4:431::/64
612 2001:62a:4:414::/64
462 2001:62a:4:417::/64
463 2001:62a:4:418::/64
464 2001:62a:4:419::/64
617 2001:62a:4:40f::/64
618 2001:62a:4:40e::/64
624 2001:62a:4:41b::/64
625 2001:62a:4:41c::/64
626 2001:62a:4:41d::/64
627 2001:62a:4:41e::/64
611 2001:62a:4:413::/64
628 2001:62a:4:41a::/64
629 2001:62a:4:432::/64
630 2001:62a:4:433::/64
631 2001:62a:4:434::/64
632 2001:62a:4:435::/64
633 2001:62a:4:436::/64
634 2001:62a:4:437::/64
635 2001:62a:4:438::/64
636 2001:62a:4:439::/64