Firewall for organisational units

The firewall for organisational units helps protect the organisational units and subunits of the University of Vienna against dangers from the Internet

The ZID sets up and maintains the firewall for the relevant organisational unit. Newly configured networks are also automatically protected by the firewall.

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Form Firewall-Regeln verwalten (Managing Firewall regulations, in German)

Formular Firewall-Störung melden (Report Firewall interruption, in German)

Configuring the firewall

The default configuration principally blocks incoming connections and allows outgoing connections.

Allowing access from outside or editing other settings is possible with Firewall regulations. To enter, edit or delete Firewall regulations, the responsible IT representatives have to contact the ZID via or via the Service Desk.

Responsible IT representatives are entered in the Bluecat Address Manager as authorised persons for a network in the respective VLAN.


This is only possible for IP addresses that have been documented.

The ZID reserves the right to deny permissions or revoke them again if it is necessary for security reasons or to protect the data network of the University of Vienna or its members.

Terms of Use

The Firewall for organisational units Terms of Use (in German) apply.