IP addresses

The IP address assigns a numerical label to a computer in a data network. All computers in the network of the University of Vienna are assigned an IP address from the following IP ranges:

  • IPv4:, oder
  • IPv6: 2001:62a::/31

Only IT representatives of the organisational units can manage IP addresses.

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IP database

Form Berechtigung für IP-Datenbank beantragen (Requesting permission for IP database, in German)

Form IP-Adresse für u:card-Reader verwalten (Managing IP address for u:card reader, in German)

Accessing the IP database

Using the IP database of the ZID, IT representatives can register computers in the data network of the University of Vienna or request IP addresses (for instance, for the firewall for organisational units or DHCP).

If you would like to enter your name as a contact for technical enquiries for your net blocks, please send your request to hostmaster@univie.ac.at.

Requesting an IP address

If you would like to request one or more IP addresses, please contact the responsible IT representative.

    Using IPv6 (Internet Protocol Version 6)

    Most ZID services are accessible via IPv6. For the Wi-Fi, IPv6 addresses are assigned in addition to the IPv4 addresses.

    For net blocks of organisational units, you have to request an IPv6. Please send an e-mail to netzwerk.zid@univie.ac.at.

    Adjusting the security settings for IPv6

    The firewall rules and security options of IPv4 do not apply to IPv6 connections. As a general rule, IPv6 connections are preferred to IPv4 connections.

    For example: The .htaccess file of your website lists an IPv4 connection. Please complete it by adding the relevant IPv6 connection:

    • order deny,allow 
    • allow from 131.130. # Datennetz der Uni Wien - IPv4 
    • allow from 77.80. # 
    • allow from 2001:62a:4::/48 # Datennetz der Uni Wien - IPv6 
    • deny from all  

    If this IPv6 entry is missing, all IPv6 users will be locked out, even if they try to access the website from the data network of the University of Vienna.