u:wiki Terms of Use

  • Last modified on: 17.05.2024
  • Approved by: Ulf Busch
  • Responsible for content: Harald Riedel-Taschner
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With the u:wiki service, the Zentraler Informatikdienst (ZID) provides members of the University of Vienna with a platform based on wiki technology for collaborative work. The information stored on it can be shared with other platform users as well as with users from other Austrian educational institutions as part of the eduID federation.

Scope of application

The u:wiki terms of use regulate the type and form how the ZID provides the u:wiki service as well as the framework conditions of use by the members of the University of Vienna. These terms of use only apply to the u:wiki service. Deviating terms for other services relating to the storage and sharing of data remain unaffected.

Service description

u:wiki is based on the wiki software Confluence by the software manufacturer Atlassian. It serves the purpose of storing data on servers and storage media of the ZID. After registering, users can access u:wiki via the University’s Single Sign-on system via the web. u:wiki can be used with common browsers. In addition, users from other Austrian educational institutions can sign in to u:wiki via the eduID federation. After initially registering in u:wiki, federated users can be granted permission similar to users from the University of Vienna.

Permitted use

Using u:wiki for private purposes is permitted (see Code of Conduct of the University of Vienna, item 6, para. 2). Otherwise, the provisions of the u:account Terms of Use and the Code of Conduct of the University of Vienna apply. The user is obliged, among others, to refrain from using the platform for commercial purposes and to adhere to the applicable legal regulations. This also applies to data protected by copyright, which may only be stored and/or shared if the user has the right to store or share them. The integration of external content in u:wiki is the responsibility of the user. The dynamic integration of fonts (such as Google Fonts) is not permitted under the GDPR. The ZID only provides the technical infrastructure of the u:wiki service. The ZID is not responsible for the content stored on the platform.

u:wiki spaces

Contents are organised in wiki spaces. Employees currently employed with the University of Vienna can create spaces themselves after completing a self-service form on the Servicedesk. During this process, the space is allocated to an organisational unit of the University of Vienna. The person requesting the space assumes the role of the space administrator and can grant permissions to others independently. Space administrators, IT representatives and heads of the allocated organisational unit are contact persons for the ZID. If a space becomes orphaned after its last space administrator left the University, space permissions are allocated in consultation with the head of the allocated organisational unit.

Data protection

The ZID leaves it up to the users and the organisational units of the University of Vienna to select a suitable service for the storage of data for every individual task. However, the ZID points out that the services provided take different security measures to prevent the misuse of data. Protecting the stored data via a network firewall is not possible for the u:wiki service. Therefore, the security of data depends essentially on the quality of the passwords chosen by the persons able to access the relevant information (such as spaces, pages, comments) on u:wiki.

The configuration of user access permissions for spaces, pages, comments and other content by space administrators is a central feature of the service. However, lack of due diligence can compromise the confidentiality and integrity of the data. The space administrators are responsible for taking due care when granting permissions. If this is not possible, a different service to store the data must be used. Users are obliged to adhere to the legal provisions, especially regarding data protection, when processing personal data. In general, the ZID recommends dealing with sensitive or personal data carefully and sparingly and deleting any data that is no longer needed in case of doubt.

Anonymous permission

u:wiki has the option to make pages or spaces publicly accessible without requiring authentication from users subject to the Terms of Use for publishing and operating websites. Space administrators may only give reading permissions to anonymous users. They must not grant users permissions for editing or adding contents (such as pages, attachments, comments). The ZID reserves the right to correct any further permissions at any time.

Space lifecycle

The space lifecycle regulates the use of orphaned u:wiki spaces. Orphaned spaces are spaces on which no changes occurred within 18 months. The ZID makes regular analyses and informs space administrators, heads of organisational units and, if applicable, IT representatives if no changes have been made to a space within 12 or 15 months. After 18 months, the u:wiki space is exported. The exported content is archived in a secure backup space for a duration of additional 18 months. The content of the space is replaced by an information page informing the user about the archiving of the content. The space key remains unchanged allowing for restoring the archived space within the above-mentioned period of 18 months following archiving.