Comprehensive support for managing your research data


Support, training, data stewards and storage infrastructure, such as the PHAIDRA repository, make research data management easier.

Managing research data can be a challenge: The amount of data in research is increasing and a data management plan is often mandatory for funded research projects. The university is therefore continuously expanding its research data management (RDM) support services.

A team of experts has been supporting members of the University of Vienna in all aspects of research data management since 2022. The RDM team includes employees from the long-term archives PHAIDRA and AUSSDA, the University Library, the ZID and the faculties. It offers you: 

Training – adapted to your needs

In workshops, courses and webinars, the RDM team answers the most important questions from researchers as well as master’s and doctoral students. The team teaches you how to better manage research data, create data management plans and use repositories easily.

All dates and the possibility to register can be found on the Research Data Management website.

The RDM team also supports you with free training that is tailored to individual disciplines or questions. You can find out more about this offer under Build a Custom Workshop. Workshops can be held in different settings, in German or English and online or on site. 

Data stewards: experts at the faculties and centers

A so-called data steward currently supports 3 faculties (Faculty of Philological and Cultural Studies, Faculty of Historical and Cultural Studies, Faculty of Life Sciences) and the Centre for Microbiology and Environmental Systems Science in research data management. Consulting is tailored to the respective discipline:

  • Help with optimising processes in and after research projects
  • RDM training
  • Support with communication and collaboration within the university’s extensive structure

Data storage: the right service for every need 

Appropriate infrastructure also helps you to store your data. Depending on whether you need to store data during or after the completion of a research project, different storage services are available to you: From online storage space and Share or the cloud storage u:cloud for short and medium-term storage to the repository PHAIDRA or the long-term storage of software source code in GitLab. You can find an overview of all options in the Research work environment under Storing data.

If you cannot find the right service, you can contact the RDM team with your requirements via to initiate the joint development of new services.

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