Planning data management

Illustration Datenmanagement planen

Planning data management

Preparing a data management plan

If a research project generates research data, a data management plan should be prepared in advance. This is mandatory for some funding bodies (such as the Austrian Science Fund – FWF) as soon as the project receives a grant.

You as a researcher have to prepare a data management plan that defines how research data are processed in your project.

  • Which data are generated how?
  • How are data stored?
  • How are data used?
  • How are data stored after the end of the project and made available to others?

The University of Vienna supports you with:

  • Counselling: Experts from the Vienna University Library and the Zentraler Informatikdienst (ZID) are happy to give advice if you require help during the preparation of the data management plan. You can contact them via
  • Training: The Human Resources and Gender Equality service unit offers training courses for preparing data management plans as well as data management and data archiving at the University of Vienna. The dates and further information are available in the course database of Human Resources Development.
  • Workshops: If you are an early stage researcher, you can attend workshops on research data management via the Research Services and Career Development service unit.
  • Further information: Under Research data management, you can find further information about handling research data.


Researchers at the University of Vienna are subject to the Research Data Management Policy.

Applying the FAIR principles

A data management plan reflects the FAIR principles. Therefore, following the end of a research project, its research data should be:

  • findable;
  • accessible;
  • interoperable with different systems, such as by means of open formats;
  • reusable.

This allows others to reuse your research data worldwide and also in an interdisciplinary way. Furthermore, it makes research transparent and reproducible.

The services offered by the University of Vienna for the digital preservation of research data are in accordance with the FAIR principles.

Managing personal research data

On the intranet, you can find further information about handling personal research data in compliance with the GDPR, such as those emerging from qualitative interviews. If you have further questions about this topic, please refer to the Data Protection Officer of the University of Vienna.