Hybrid and digital teaching are now taken for granted. To ensure that these new formats and also traditional on-site teaching succeed, the ZID offers the corresponding e-learning services, software and infrastructure. Support offers and user guides help with questions.

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The e-learning platform Moodle, video conferencing systems, streaming and the Student Response System enable teaching in all settings.

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On-site teaching needs the right infrastructure in the form of audio and video technology as well as rooms for computer-based teaching.

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Software, collaboration

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u:wiki enables collaborative work on texts and filing of documents, Overleaf facilitates collaboration on LaTeX documents, the cloud services of Microsoft Azure (coming soon) give access to the latest technologies.

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Teachers have access to resources and user guides on digital and hybrid teaching, as well as support on technical and didactic issues.

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ZID blog – Working environment teaching: the right IT for every format (in German)

Illustration working environment teaching

Lesen Sie im Blog mehr dazu, wie der ZID die IT-Services für die Lehre anlegt: flexibel, mit vielen Features für unterschiedliche Anforderungen, aber auch mit einheitlichen Standards.

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