Illustration Infrastruktur für die Lehre


Audio and video technology, u:stream equipment

Teachers can use modern audio and video technology (projector, presenter’s PC, microphone) at centrally managed course rooms of the University of Vienna. If required, on-site support is available to assist with the use of the equipment.

Selected lecture halls are equipped with u:stream. This makes it easy to record courses or broadcast them live on the internet.

In centrally managed lecture halls with u:stream equipment, it is also possible to conduct audio or video conferences from the lecture hall for hybrid teaching.

ZID Class Rooms

Teaching staff can use the ZID Class Rooms for computer-aided courses. They are equipped with computer workstations featuring special audio and video technology and are available at the locations Schenkenstraße, Universitätszentrum Althangrund (UZA II), Campus of the University of Vienna and Oskar-Morgenstern-Platz.

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