The IT security team of the University of Vienna has compiled a list of practical tips and information for students and employees to make the use of e-mails more secure.

What can happen?

Illustration Gefahr kennen

Phishing, malware and fraud are dangers that you should be aware of in e-mails.

About the dangers in e-mails

What can I do?

Illustration technische Maßnahmen

In addition to the measures taken by the ZID, you can increase security with a spam filter, e-mail program and virus scanner.

To the technical measures

Is this e-mail dangerous?

Illustration Gefahr einschätzen

Find out which characteristics indicate that it is a fraudulent e-mail and how to deal with such an e-mail correctly.

To assessing danger

What to do in an emergency?

Illustration Im Ernstfall richtig handeln

Have you entered your access data on a phishing site or downloaded malware? Here’s how to react correctly.

The right course of action in an emergency