Accepting, editing, closing request

This guide will help you as a Servicedesk agent to accept, edit and close a customer request.


Access the request from the Servicedesk Agent Portal.

Click Assign to me in the sidebar under People to accept the request.

Anfrage übernehmen

Request feedback

To ask the requester a question, click on Comment or Rückmeldung ersuchen (Request feedback) in the header.

Rückfrage oder Kommentar verfasse

A pop-up will open. The Respond to Customer tab is automatically selected. Enter the comment in the text field and click on Add or Rückmeldung ersuchen (Request feedback).

Kommentar verfassen

Request feedback from team member

In a similar way, you can also send a request for feedback to a member of your team.

After clicking on Comment or Rückmeldung ersuchen (Request Feedback), select the Internal Comment tab in the pop-up.

Enter your comment in the text field and mention in it the team member you want to address by typing an @ sign and starting to write the name.

The system will automatically suggest possible team members. Select the team member from the list, finalise the comment and click Add or Rückmeldung ersuchen (Request feedback).

Rückfrage an Team-Mitglied

Close request

When the request is finished, you can close it.

Click on Schließen (Close) in the header to write a final comment for the requester or a team member, or on Sofort schließen (Close immediately) to close the request without comment.

Anfrage schließen