Requesting TV streaming

TV streaming is only available to employees at registered organisational units. To request the service, the head of the organisational unit has to send a scan of the signed agreement (see below) to

Vereinbarung – Radio und Fernsehen über das Datennetz der Universität Wien (PDF) (agreement – radio and television via the University's data network, in German)

Accessing the programmes

  • You require a computer with an installed VLC media player or a television set with an active set-top box.
  • You can see the list of available programmes in your VLC media player.
  • You are not allowed to distribute the content of the programmes or give third parties access to them.

Technical requirements

  • You can only use this service within the University of Vienna's data network. It does not work via Wi-Fi, VPN or in the computer rooms.
  • The service only works at locations that are connected to the data network via fibre cable network connection.