u:print - printing and copying

Paying with u:card

Students can pay for printed documents using their u:card at selected u:print devices soon. By the winter semester 2018, all locations will change from Facultas copy card payment to the new u:print payment system.

What happens during the changeover?

Soon at least one printer offering the new u:print payment system will be available at a u:print location with more than one u:print device. Locations with only one u:print device will maintain the Facultas copy card payment for now. This is to ensure that users who do not yet have a u:card can still use the u:print service.

Printers that already offer the new payment system will be labelled. You can shortly check which locations already offer this new payment option at http://zid.univie.ac.at/cr-standorte/.

The new u:print payment system will be introduced at all u:print locations step by step over the course of the summer semester 2018. If you still have credit on your Facultas copy card after the summer semester, you can use it for the Facultas copy service.

Paying for u:print jobs using my u:card - how does it work?

Students who have a u:card can soon log on to the u:print devices that already offer the new payment option and pay for their printing jobs using their u:card.

To use the new u:print payment system, you need credit on your u:card. You can top up your u:card with credit via an online payment gateway. We will shortly provide the appropriate link on u:space. Topping up your u:card is possible via direct banking, PayPal or credit card.

In addition, there will soon be a top-up station at Neues Institutsgebäude (Universitätsstrasse 7, ground floor, Computer Room 3, exact location). At this station, you can use your credit or debit card to top up your u:card.

How much does printing cost with the new payment system?

Prices for printing one page via u:card (please note: this payment system is not available yet):

A4 black and white  5 cents
A4 colour  25 cents
A3 black and white  10 cents
A3 colour  50 cents

This means that printing with the new system is cheaper than with the old payment system.

What else is changing with the new payment system?

In addition, mobile printing via u:print will also be possible shortly: Students and staff members have the opportunity to send print jobs from their mobile devices (smartphone, tablet, etc.) and collect their documents from any u:print device. To do so, attach the document in an e-mail and send it to uprint@univie.ac.at (students) or uprint.staff@univie.ac.at (staff). The subject of the e-mail should be your u:account UserID. 

Detailed information and manuals will be available on this website soon.

With the printing service u:print members of the University of Vienna can set up print jobs and use any available u:print printer.

Printing is possible in colour and A3 format.

How do you get your printout?

  • You can print from any computer room work station – the print job is available for 72 hours.
  • You can print from home with a VPN connection to the University of Vienna. Set up the print job from home, make your way to a u:print printer within the next 72 hours and print your documents.
  • You can use the USB slot of a u:print printer with an external medium (e.g. USB stick) – PDF documents and common image formats (e.g. JPEG, GIF, TIFF, PNG) can be printed directly at the printer. Other files have to be converted into PDF format with appropriate software, e.g. PDFCreator. The computer rooms of the ZID offer Adobe Acrobat Professional for the conversion of files to PDF.

Owners of a u:book laptop and staff of the University of Vienna have to install u:print first – our instructions may help you:


Following instructions for u:print are available:


The locations of the u:print printers can be found in the list of computer rooms.


To use the printing service you will need a Copycard which you can buy at a Facultas Shop or online at Facultas

A4black and white1point
A3black and white2points

General notes

  • You have to choose between colour or black & white print on your PC when setting up the print job.
  • Finished print jobs will stay in the queue for 2 hours.
  • You can print numerous print jobs at the same time with u:print. Please pay attention to the number of available points on your copycard.
  • Ejecting the copycard means stopping the print jobs at the printer. All print jobs that are in process will be cancelled immediately.
  • You can delete print jobs by yourself.

You can find further notes on the u:print service on our u:print FAQ page.