Printing and more – u:print

Students and employees (excluding guests) of the University of Vienna can print, copy and scan at u:print devices. The u:print devices are marked in white-and-blue with the label u:print or u:print staff (only for employees).

u:print staff enables organisational units of the University of Vienna to offer and charge printing and copying services to its employees in a convenient way.

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Managing your u:card credit: u:print-Bezahlsystem (u:print online payment system)

Using u:print

Printing and copying is subject to a charge at u:print devices. Scanning is free of charge. You can find more information in the user guides:

  • How to install u:print on your device
  • How to log in to a u:print device
  • How to print, copy and scan.

u:print locations

Several computer rooms, departments and libraries at the University of Vienna are equipped with publicly accessible u:print devices.

u:print staff devices are reserved for employees of the relevant organisational unit and are not publicly accessible. For further information, please see under Printing for employees – u:print staff (log-in required).

The opening times of the respective locations can be found on the Computer Rooms website.


Due to construction works the u:print devices in the Computer Room Juridicum (Schottenbastei 10–16, 1010 Vienna) are not available from now on until May 2024.


Sending print jobs

You have several options of sending a print job to a u:print device:

  • From every PC connected to the University of Vienna’s data network on which u:print is configured as a printer
  • From every workplace at the computer rooms
  • From every external PC connected to the University of Vienna’s data network by VPN on which u:print is configured as a printer
  • Directly from an external storage medium (such as a flash drive) via the USB port of the u:print device

Colour options and paper size

By default, all u:print devices are configured to A4 paper size  and single-sided black-and-white printing.

You can print documents in black-and-white or in colour. You can select black-and-white or colour print when you send the print job from your PC or from the Computer Room.

You can choose between A4 or A3 paper size. You can select A4 or A3 when you send the print job from your PC or from the Computer Room.

For smaller (e.g. A5) and uncommon paper sizes (such as letter), you have to determine the paper size and scaling directly at the u:print device.

Supported file types

For print jobs sent from the PC or the computer rooms, the u:print devices support all file types for which the associated program is installed on the computer.

You can only send print jobs by flash drive for the following type files:

  • PDF documents
  • Common image formats (e.g. JPG, GIF, TIFF, PNG)


Your USB data medium (USB stick) must be formatted in FAT, FAT32 or exFAT format to be recognized by the u:print device.
For example the NTFS format, password protected data carriers, card readers, extension cables or USB hubs are not supported.

Paying for u:print services

Printing and copying at u:print devices is subject to a fee. You need a validated u:card with credit for making the payment. After validation, it may take up to 5 hours before you can charge the credit or use the u:card for making a payment.

To top up credit on your u:card, you have two options:

Price per page – printing and copying

  • A4, black-and-white: 0,05 Euro
  • A4, colour: 0,25 Euro
  • A3, black-and-white: 0,10 Euro
  • A3, colour: 0,50 Euro

Scanning is free of charge.

Transferring money back

Prerequisite to transferring money back is a validated u:card. You can only transfer money back at the top-up station at NIG (Neues Institutsgebäude). Follow the user guides for Transferring money back.

Paying with Facultas copy card

You can use your Facultas copy card at Facultas printers only.

Printing student documents for free

Students with an active u:account receive 20 free prints per semester (A4, black and white) from the Teaching Affairs and Student Services centre. These can be used for printing student documents and are shown on the u:card as virtual credit. The free prints become available in the 2nd and 29th calendar week. Your u:card must be validated before this time.

To view the amount of virtual credit, simply log in to a u:print device with a valid u:card. The credit will neither be visible in the profile of the u:print payment system nor at the top-up station in the NIG.

Validity of the virtual credit

The free prints are valid from the 2nd and 29th calendar week. Unused printouts expire at the next unlocked date.

Ab März: Employees

Employees also need a u:card with credit to use the u:print devices.

If your organisational unit offers the service Printing for employees –u:print staff, you can alternatively send your print job to a u:print staff device. The associated costs are automatically invoiced to the cost centre allocated to you in i3v.

Managing print jobs

You can print u:print jobs sent by the data network or from the computer rooms within 72 hours at any u:print device. Jobs are deleted automatically 2 hours after they have been printed.

You can print several print jobs at once.

Ensure that you have enough credit on your u:card before sending the print job.