Account – u:account

The u:account is your personal access to the IT services of the University of Vienna. It consists of the u:account UserID and the u:account password.

u:accounts have to be set up by the users themselves. For further information, please see Setting up a u:account.

After termination of a degree programme or an employment the privileges of the u:account will be limited or revoked. More information under Expiration of a u:account.

Individual details about your u:account (e.g. free storage space, Wi-Fi password) are listed under My u:account.


The webpage Studying provides further information about the u:account for students and the IT services you can use with it.

Employees and personnel not directly employed with the University

For further information about the u:account for employees and the associated IT services, please see the information brochure IT Services for Employees of the University of Vienna (PDF) 


A u:account for guests is limited to a certain period of time. Users have to set it up by themselves. Afterwards an employee or an organisational unit of the University of Vienna have to support ("befürworten") it first and then manage it in managing u:account. The supporter defines the validity of the u:account and whether it is equipped with standard permissions or extended permissions.

Among others, the following persons receive a u:account for guests:

  • official guests and visitors of the University of Vienna
  • academic cooperation partners
  • employees of companies carrying out work at the University of Vienna.

The most important IT services you can use with the standard u:account for guests include:

  • Wi-Fi – eduroam (with Wi-Fi password)
  • VPN
  • Password management
  • My u:account

The extended u:account for guests offers the following additional services:

  • E-mail services
  • Online storage space
  • Computer rooms
  • E-learning - Moodle
  • Webspace admin

External library users

External library users who do not work or study at the University of Vienna need a u:account to receive a library card. You can find more information on the webpage of the University Library.

Service u:account


As an employee of the University of Vienna, you can set up and administer service u:accounts for technical purposes.

Terms of Use

By registering your u:account, you agree to the u:account – regulations for use.

The General Terms of Use for IT services applies.