Web Single Sign-on – Weblogin

Weblogin is the Web Single Sign-on (WebSSO) of the University of Vienna. It enables university members to use different web applications with the u:account UserID and the u:account password. Users can access these applications by entering their u:account details once within a browser session without having to log on to every single application.

Supported web applications

With Weblogin you can log in to the following services:

  • Web applications of the University of Vienna (e.g. u:wiki)
  • Web applications offered by the ACOnet Identity Federation
  • Web applications offered by external institutions by agreement
  • Web applications offered within eduGAIN

Logging in to a web application

  1. Open the desired web application (e.g. My u:account) directly. You will be automatically redirected to the weblogin at weblogin.univie.ac.at.
  2. Type in your u:account UserID and your u:account password.
  3. You will get an overview of the personal details (usually first and last name, UserID, e-mail address and role within the University of Vienna) that are passed on to the requested web application. If you cancel at this point, no details will be passed on. You will therefore not be able to use the application.
  4. Confirm that you have taken note of the privacy policies.
  5. Choose if you want to see this overview again with every login to this application.
  6. Afterwards you will be redirected to the requested web application.


Do not use Weblogin if you are working with a not so trustworthy device, e.g. a public PC at a hotel or at an internet café. Make sure to use the private mode of the browser with these devices.

This mode is also recommended if you log in to someone else’s trustworthy device or if your device is used by other persons.

Logging out from a web application


You do not have to log out if you are using your device and your browser by yourself or if you work with a trustworthy, shared device with different user accounts.

To log out securely from all web applications, close your web browser completely or log out from the computer. This applies in particular to the publicly accessible PCs in the computer rooms, the class rooms or on the lecturers' PCs.


If you are logged in with a private window and close it subsequently, you will be logged out automatically and securely from all web applications.

If the settings or extensions of your browser prevent session cookies from being cleared automatically when you close the browser, you have to manually clear the respective cookies. For example, the setting in Chrome Continue where you left off prevents users from being logged out automatically by closing their browser.

In this case, either clear

  • all your cookies,
  • or just the Weblogin cookie and all cookies of the applications you have signed in via Weblogin.

You will find more information under Delete browser cookies (in German).