Authentication – Auth

Authentication via Auth is available to all members of the University of Vienna. Users can specify which of their personal details a web application may use.

Logging in to a web application

Open the desired web application directly. You will be automatically redirected to the authentication website. After your authentication has been checked, you will be automatically directed back to the desired web application.

Configuring Auth

Open Auth and log in via your u:account.

Under Verwalte genehmigte Seiten (manage authorised pages) you can see which web applications may use your details. Using the button Widerrufen (revoke), you can revoke these authorisations. If you would still like to use the web application, you have to enter these details again or confirm them.

Under Access-Token verwalten (mange access token), you can update or revoke the access tokens that are limited to a certain period of time as well as the long-term refresh tokens.

Access tokens provide access to specific resources. Refresh tokens prevent users from authenticating once again, if their access token has expired.

Under Profilinformationen (profile information), you can see all the data used for authentication.

Logging out from a web application

Please log out directly from the relevant web application. Subsequently, you will be automatically redirected to Auth. Click on the arrow next to your user name and log out.